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Our Focus


Getting your order correct and on time

Our logistics team makes it their business to get your order correct and on time each and every day.  We expedite orders as soon as the request is received and pay special attention to seek out expired prescriptions and request refills from your doctor so you don’t go without.

Whether you are traveling to a snow bird home, on a business trip, or are temporarily visiting family, we make it our business to get your medicines too you when you need them.  With shipping anywhere within our licensed states, our goal to stay in contact with you.  This concierge service approach keeps you smiling and our business growing.

  • Whether snowbird home, business travel or temporary visiting, we make the logistics happen

Precision and Accuracy


Double checking each order for accuracy, our team of customer care, billing, fulfillment and delivery/shipping personnel monitors your requests.  Each order is prepared and scrutinized before confirming.  With hundreds of orders going out each day all over the nation, our goal is to maintain focus on you. Each Rx has a story and we don’t take that lightly when writing a positive chapter in your life.

  • Order double checked for accuracy
  • Preparing and confirming your order
  • Scan RX

Continuing Education

Excelling means to stay ahead of the curve.  Our Pharmacists and Certified Technician professionals continue to be educated on the latest topics, instruments and formulations.  We focus on certification and encourage continued education to provide proactive solutions in a fast paced changing world.  We cross train our professionals to be proficient in medicine design, implementation and fulfilling the specific techniques of compounding as well as handling each customer’s need with care.

  • Pharmacist and Pharm Techs continuing education
  • Cross Training

A changing body requires customizing solutions

DCA recognizes that not only is the world changing around you but when your body changes it requires specific attention.  The advances science has made in determining the molecular structure, DNA and cell deterioration help us to better understand why a catered design for treatment gives better results with personalized outcome.  These techniques require understanding each individual’s symptoms with a promising rescue plan.

Our Mission

DCA Pharmacy is changing lives and making a difference nationwide as a recognized full service Pharmacy Leader that provides innovative and reliable solutions to a happier and healthier life with focused personalized care, professionalism and commitment.






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