Our Products: Nasal Nebulizer

Are you or your patients suffering from chronic, recurrent or resistant sinus infections?

LoxaSperse is an innovative powder excipient base created for compounding with active ingredients used for nebulization and irrigations (such as nasal and wound irrigations). LoxaSperse is a proprietary blend of specially micronized xylitol with an optimized ratio of micronized poloxamers, designed to improve dispersability and solubility of actives. These unique features allow multiple active ingredients with varying solubilities to be delivered directly to the site of infection. It is recommended that the active ingredients are completely solubilized in the end preparation when using LoxaSperse for inhalation.


Potential Uses:

  • Nasal nebulization
  • Nasal irrigation
  • Wound irrigation
  • Wound powders

Types of Actives:

  • Antifungals
  • Antibacterials
  • Steroids
  • Antihistamines
  • Anesthetics


  • Increases the solubility and dispersibility of active ingredients, potentially improving absorption performance
  • Allows for multi-drug therapy combinations, giving you more power to customize medication, simplify therapy regimens and potentially improve patient compliance
  • Enables an extended beyond-use date consistent with USP guidelines for anhydrous dosage forms, since the powder contents (from a capsule or sachet) are mixed with sterile water only at the time of use
  • Testing has concluded that it improves the antimicrobial activity of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Note: According to USP <797>, compounded aqueous solutions for irrigation or nebulization are required to be sterile. But commercially available dry powders for inhalation are manufactured as non-sterile products, since there is no water present in the products to promote the growth of microbes. And while compounded or manufactured aqueous solutions are sterile prior to administration, once the solution is opened and placed into a nebulizer cup or irrigation device it is no longer sterile, which means it’s not actually administered sterile.







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