The DCA Advantage


Drawing from our excellent history of personalized patient care, we have used the concept of individual care and attention to create our Facility Management group so each referral will have direct access to DCA. We value your time and your practice and offer prompt, professional solutions to your questions and needs.

The Facility Management team wants to get to know you and your practice. Working hand in hand with our sales groups, our responsibility is to deliver on the proposals and agreements they have made with you. We are constantly looking for complementary new products and services to offer your patients and to help increase your business and profitability. We also keep apprised of new legal or regulatory changes so we both can work together in compliance with each regulator.

Finally, we are involved and follow-up very closely with our Customer Care team to ensure your patients receive the highest level of personalized care and attention to make their experience comfortable and pleasurable.


We make it our mission to help grow and impact your bottom line.


Whether you’re branching out into new offerings or are an established facility, DCA Pharmacy can help you maximize your business potential. With clients from over 32 states and over 15 years in business, we make it our mission to help grow and impact your bottom line.

Compounding medicines open new avenues to expand your customer base. Some of the fastest growing areas are Hormone Replacement, Pain Cream Management and Scar Therapy. We find patients are really seeking out these opportunities causing a growing demand. Having the right compounding pharmacy by your side makes the difference on how to maneuver through and supply this demand.

DCA is a full service pharmacy that can offer “Total Value” to your customer. We handle a wide variety of maintenance, respiratory and diabetic supplies to complement our service to your customer. We have separate departments to handle the customer care, billing and the pharmacy technician sides to the business. Not just one person trying to be all things.

To improve performance we have a specifically dedicated “Facility Management” group that gives individual treatment to our referrals. They handle the intrinsic questions you may have and are responsible for follow-up to each of your concerns. DCA also provides a veteran sales force that give answers to your questions. This interacting team of professionals is proactive to facilitate your business needs, maximizing potential and streamlining the day-to-day throughput.

DCA Pharmacy understands a Solution matters.






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