Most Asked Questions


What is the process when I refer a new patient to you?
Once the order is received, the Pharmacy confirms the prescription(s) then turns it over to our Customer Care team to call the patient.  All information is verified: demographics, insurance coverage, payment and prescription details.  They will answer any questions the patient may have, discuss delivery options, insurance and shipment details.

Do you file the prescriptions through the patient’s insurance?
Yes we do.  We are contracted and in good standing with most major insurance carriers including Medicare Part D plans.  If the product is not covered, we offer a cash discount price.

How do I set up an account to bill my office?
Simply call our dedicated Facility Management team (615-814-6565).  Within a few short minutes, we will process your information and prepare your account.  We’ll discuss a variety of billing options and you can even place your initial order at that time.  Facility Management is here to accommodate and suit your needs.

How long will it take to receive the compounded orders?
Most orders can be compounded and ready to ship within 24 hours.  Since we are centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee, it typically takes about two business days or less to arrive by FedEx® Ground or Home Service. (For more service area deliveries, see FedEx time zone delivery information on home page)

Can you provide me with pre-printed prescription forms?
Provided your State’s regulations do not prohibit pre-printed forms, we can customize the forms you will need and provide them in an Excel format for your use.  Please ask for your Facility Management team and they will e-mail them to you.

Can I order compounds for “Office Use”?
The State of Tennessee requires a patient specific prescription with specific directions for all compounded medications.  Non-controlled substances can be shipped to the office only for direct administration to the patients in the office.  Compounded medications may not be re-dispensed under any circumstances.

Do you have specific policies for controlled substances?
The DEA requires all compounded controlled substances be picked up by or delivered to the patient or an immediate family member.  There are no waivers to bypass this regulation.  Again, the prescription must be patient specific with no “Office Use” or “Office Administration” directions. Additionally, we are seeing a trend for States to require the patient’s Social Security number or valid Driver’s License number in order to process through insurance carriers.  We will work closely with you to ensure compliance according to your State’s requirements.

What are your processes for quality control?
As a proud member of PCCA, we only use the highest quality, USP Grade powders and chemicals.  Our compounds are evaluated in house and lab tested by a third party for potency and sterility as required by USP Guidelines.  Our clean rooms are routinely checked and certified by Southeastern Certification, Inc.  Our stringent Standard Operating Procedures and the use of some of the newest, accurate equipment ensure the highest quality compounds.

Do you compound medications that are on manufacturer backorder?
Absolutely, maintaining the supply chain is imperative in order to meet healthcare needs.  When on manufacturer backorder, we can compound commercial products.  The compounding of backordered medications are evaluated on a case by case basis, so please call us with your needs and for availability and pricing.






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